About Us

“Find a job you enjoy doing,
and you will never have to work a day in your life.”
                                                          - Mark Twain

​SweeTreats by Wendi is truly a labor of love.  I always say I was born baking. As a little girl and into my teen years, I would bake alongside my mom, making cakes for various holidays, to the delight of my grandparents. Once I had children of my own, making their birthday cakes was so common, they could tell the difference between what I made and store-bought cakes. To be honest with you out of my three children, it’s very possible they have only had a cake from a grocery store a couple of times in their lifetime.

In 2004, I was running a daycare out of our home. Each month, I would make a birthday cake for the children in my care. One of the parents took notice of the cakes, asked me to make a cake for her child, and insisted she pay for it. That parent told a few friends, one thing led to another, and SweeTreats was born.

In Mechanicsburg, PA since 2009, SweeTreats has quickly become a local favorite. 

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​We are a state-licensed, home-based, limited food establishment.